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Intro to Thai Yoga Therapy - 4CE hours (NCBTMB)

The originator of Traditional Thai Medicine was an Ayuredic physician named Dr Shivago. The revered Doctor introduced the branch of Therapeutic Bodywork into the culture centuries ago.  Although, the technique combines Yoga poses and Passive Assisted Stretching exercises to relieve tension and increase range of motion, in Thailand  the technique is primarily considered a Therapy of Energy.  

 Participants of the workshop will become familiar with the concept of energy by:
 * Discussing the Ayurvedic theory of consciousness, energy and matter

            * Elevating the frequency of low vibrational Chakras within the 
               Human Energy System through breath and yoga exercises 
            * Restoring the free flow of the life force by applying acupressure along 
               the 10 Sen invisible pathways
Fee: $85.00  (early registration - $75)
                              includes learning & classroom materials
                            Hands on application of Acupressure techniques
                               (supine, prone, side and seated positions)
** note - kneeling positions are used in class. participants you should be able to move around comfortable on a floor mat         

    Herbology is a branch of Traditional Thai Medicine.  For centuries , the consumption of herbs for  medicinal properties was and still is an integral part of Thai culture.  In addition,  therapeutic herbs were used externally  in portable steams or wrapped in muslin cloth  to relieve muscular tension, relax troubled emotions and stimulate the flow of energy. 
During the workshop participants will:
    - become familiar with traditional herbs used in Thai herbal balls to relieve stiffness  and chronic pain
    - perform acupressure massage with Thai herbal balls along Sen lines
    -  Utilize portable steam canopy with detoxifying herbs to purify the system
Fee: $85.00 (early registration-$75.00)
      includes learning & classroom materials
      Hands on application of herbal ball compression massage along the Sen lines (supine&prone)
      Hands on application of Heat therapy with portable steam capsule 

THAI YOGA THERAPY - 'Lazy Man's Yoga' - 15 CE (NCBTMB)

    Thai Yoga Therapy is a fascinating technique originating from the land of India.  The technique combines gentle rocking, slow deep compressions and passive assisted stretching exercises to clothed recipients that lie on a comfortable floor mat. Thai Yoga Therapy is ideal for relieving stiffness, increasing range of motion and balancing the Human Energy System. 

Participants of the workshop will learn :
  *  How to apply acupressure along 10 Sen Lines
   *  How to utilize proper body mechanics
    * The rituals perform during each Thai Yoga Therapy treatment
     * History of Traditional Thai Medicine
      * The branches of Traditional Thai Medicine
       *  The 4 components of Thai Yoga Therapy
        *  How to perform a 60 min sequence

Fee: $299.00  (early registration- $250.00)
                     *   includes learning and classroom materials
                    *   Participants will perform a 60 minute
                          Thai Yoga Therapy sequence from memory
                           (supine, prone, side and seated position)