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Our experienced therapists' provide several manual therapies to manage chronic pain, increase joint flexibility and relieve emotional anxiety.


During an Ashi-fusion Massage, the therapist slowly applies deep pressure with their feet to release restricted myofascial tissue. The technique reduces joint inflammation, increases blood circulation and produces healthy pliable muscle tissue.


During a Thai Massage, aka 'Lazy Man's Yoga', the therapist manipulates your body into several ancient yoga poses and performs a series of passive assisted stretching exercises while you lay on your back, stomach and sides.  The technique relieves joint stiffness and increases joint flexibility to restore structural integrity to the skeletal system.


During the Therapeutic Massage, several massage modalities are used to relieve muscular and emotional stress.  A combination of long, gliding effleurage strokes and hot basalt stones are used to relax tensed muscular tissue.  Deep pressure is applied on areas of focused tenderness to dull pain and flush out trapped toxins.

Your body is asking for the help!

If you sit for hours, your hip muscles are shortened.  If you stand on your feet most of the day your posture is unbalanced.  If you skip stretching after an intense workout, your ligaments lose elasticity. 

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