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Ashi-fusion Workshops - Level I, II III


    In the 21st century Ruthie Hardee developed Ashiatsu ,a deep pressure massage administered with the therapist's feet. To achieve maximum depth the massage therapist's stand's on top of a massage table to skillfully distribute pressure into their feet while grasping overhead bars. The therapist is trained to use their feet to palpate congested muscle tissue and apply deep gliding strokes along hyper-toned muscle tissue.

    2-4 particpants per workshop!!

Save your wrist from repetitive motion inflamation

                                       Level I - $99.00 - 4 CE hours (NCBTMB)

     Perform a deep foot massage in the seated position on client's torso in the prone position

                                        Level II - $99.00  -  4CE hours (NCBTMB)

      Perform a deep foot massage while standing on the massage table using overhead bars for balance on client in the prone position

                                       Level III - $99.00   -  4CE hours (NCBTMB)

      Participants will proficiently blend the seated, back techniques and Thai stretches to perform a 60 minute Ashi-fusion massage.



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