Managing   Chronic   Pain  


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   Herbalism, is one of three branches of Traditional Thai Medicine.  Dr Shivago, the 'Father' of Traditional Thai Medicine, prescribed medicinal herbs as detoxifying teas, energizing tonics and potent poultices to relieve many of his patients symptoms. During the workshop participants will learn the Thai herbs use in ancient Detoxifying Herbal Balls, how to massage with a Thai Herbal Ball and how to perform a detoxifying hydrotherapy  treatment in a portable steam unit.
During the workshop participants will:
    - become familiar with the properties of medicinal herbs used in traditional blends of Thai Herbal Balls 
    - perform a compression massage with warm Thai Herbal Balls to relieve chronic joint pain and muscle stiffness
    - perform a hydrotherapy treatment with a portable steam canopy  
Fee: $85.00 
      Includes classroom materials
      Hands on application of Traditional Thai Herbal Ball Compression massage 
      Hands on application of detoxifying hydrotherapy treatment 


'DRY ROOM' Ehancement$$$ - 4CE - (NCBTMB)

    Body polishes are popular body treatments enjoyed by repeat guests in Day Spas.  This popular 'Wet' room service accounts for a significant portion of  the Spa's revenue. Fortunately, with minor adjustments to the protocol and an affordable Steam Capsule this 'wet' room treatment can be performed in a shower-less room.
During this hands-on workshop participants will become familiar with; blending essential oils with gentle sugars to remove dead skin cells, utilizing a portable hydrotherapy steam unit to melt sugars for easy removal of product and to induce perspiration for detoxification.
During the workshop participants will:
     - Discuss the therapeutic properties of essential oils, carrier oils and natural exfoliants 
     - Demonstrate proficiency in performing a Body Polish  
     - Demonstrate proficiency in safely operating a portable Steam Unit

Fee: $85.00 
    ~  Includes classroom materials
    ~  Includes 2 ounces of Sugar Scrub 
    ~  Hands on application of Body Polish & Steam 


    Traditional Thai Bodywork is a fascinating technique originating in Asia.  The technique combines gentle rocking, slow deep compressions and passive assisted stretching exercises to clothed recipients that lie on a comfortable floor mat. Thai Yoga Therapy is ideal for relieving stiffness, increasing range of motion and balancing the human energy system. 

Participants of the workshop will learn :
  *  How to apply acupressure along 10 Sen Lines
   *  How to utilize proper body mechanics
    * The rituals perform during each Thai Yoga Therapy treatment
     * History of Traditional Thai Medicine
      * The branches of Traditional Thai Medicine
       *  The 4 components of Thai Yoga Therapy
        *  How to perform a 60 min sequence

Fee: $325.00
                     *   includes learning and classroom materials

Ashi-Fusion Massage - Deep Foot Pressure - 12 CE hrs (NCBTMB)

  Ancient history reveals that  Martial art students in Kerala, India performed massage on a floor mat  with a suspended rope and medicinal oils. The students used their feet to administer maximum pressure.  During the 21st century, Ruthie Hardee developed a deep pressure massage administered with the therapist's feet. The therapist applies deep long gliding strokes with their feet while sitting on a stool and standing  on top of the massage table.  During the technique the therapist balances themselves with  bars suspended from the ceiling.  In each level of the  workshop participants will learn how to skillfully apply pressure with  their feet in the seated and standing positions. In addition, participants will learn how to distribute their weight  while utilizing the overhead bars for balance  to apply deep long gliding strokes in the prone position. 

During the workshop participants will learn:

    The history of Eastern and Western Foot massage

    5 contraindications of Ashi-fusion massage

    The deep musculature manipulated in prone position

    How to perform Ashi-fusion massage in the seated position
    How to perform  Ashi-fusion massage standing on top of the the massage table

    How to add 5 passive assisted stretches

     Level I, II & III  -  Fee $99.00 each level

     Level I - Seated position sequence

      Level II - Bars sequence

      Level III - Fusion sequence