Managing   Chronic   Pain  

                   2HANDS2FEET  PARTNER CLASSES


2HR - During this class participants will learn how to apply firm and deep pressure techniques with their thumbs, hands, forearms, knees and feet. Afterwards, couples will combine breathing exercises and movement therapy to warm up their body before performing a sequence of stretching exercises on their partner..

Revitalizing Foot Massage

 2HR - During this class everyone will custom blend their product with essential oils before performing an exfoliating foot treatment and a soothing foot massage. Afterwards couples will learn a sequence of Thai stretches to perform on the massage table.

  Detoxifying Massage & Herbal Steam

   2HR - Partner's will custom blend a herbal poultice with dry medicinal herbs/and flowers. 
Then everyone will learn how to perform a gentle dry brush massage before detoxifying in a portable steam unit.