Managing   Chronic   Pain  

                   2HANDS2FEET  PARTNER CLASSES


2HR - During this class participants will learn how to apply Thailand's ancient  'Acu-Pressure' techniques with their thumbs, hands and feet. Afterwards, everyone will practice deep breathing exercises and movement therapy before learning a sequence of stretching exercises to perform on their partner..


A -  This sequence is great for folks suffering with LOW BACK

 PAIN and SCIATICA SYNDROME. (supine and left&right sides)

                                                           B -  This sequence is great for folks with NECK and SHOULDER

                                                                   PAIN. (prone and seated positions) 

Revitalizing Foot Massage

 2HR - During this class everyone will discover how to custom blend products with butters, salts and essential oils. Then participants will learn how to perform an; exfoliating foot&leg treatment and a soothing foot massage.

  Detoxifying Massage & Herbal Steam

   2HR - Partner's will custom blend a herbal poultice with dry medicinal herbs/and flowers. 
Then everyone will learn how to perform a gentle dry brush massage before detoxifying in a portable steam unit.